Being the leading Health and Wellness Provider through partnerships that inculcate healthy choices today, inspiring healthy living tomorrow.

We strive to provide a better future for our nation in making quality healthcare accessible and affordable through sustained growth for generations to come.



From our beginnings in 1978, our focus has always been to provide affordable medical aid for all South Africans. Through products like our entry level plan that caters for people on a tight budget, we believe we’ve truly put the “affordable” back into healthcare – particularly for low-income groups.

Based on this heritage, we continue to place an emphasis on caring for you and your family on your journey through life. As part of this, we’re known in the industry for offering rich benefits that put our clients first. We also believe that medical aid schemes shouldn’t be complicated, so we’ve made our products easy to understand and simple to use.

Another major attraction we offer is a one-stop solution for companies who sign up with us. Our medical aid plans suit all employees, from the lowest-paid blue-collar worker to top-earning executives.

Over the years, we’ve come to really understand what South Africans need and want from a medical aid scheme. Not empty promises, or expensive premiums. Rather, they need and want value-for-money, easy to understand plans, all with rich benefits.

Caring for the health of the nation